The New Westphalian Philharmonic Orchestra
conducted by Theo Wolters

soloist: Ursula Schoch • violin
soloist: Nina Tichman • piano

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In the autumn of 1821 twelve-year-old Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy spent sixteen days in Weimar with his teacher Zelter. Several times he was allowed to pay courtesy visits to the famous old poet, Goethe, pleasing him with his compositions and his piano-playing. A year later, Zelter wrote: "Everything gains soundness lacking little strength and power", to Goethe, who was obviously deeply moved by the encounter with the prodigy and hardly missed an opportunity to enquire about the young man's welfare. Concert D minor
Allegro - 18:15
Adagio - 8:44
Allegro vivace - 9:16
Violin concerto in E minor op. 64
Allegro molto appassionato - 13:08
Andante - 7:47
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Allegro molto vivace - 6:51
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